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Contributors Commercial sites Other sites providing information about Big Ben Sounds of Big Ben
  • Big Ben Utility - This shareware program simulates Big Ben by playing appropriate recordings of the bells at the hours and quarters
Live view of Big Ben Virtual reality view of Big Ben For information about how clocks work For information about turret clocks Books and Printed Media
  • E.B. Denison, A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches and Bells
  • J. Darwin, The Triumphs of Big Ben
  • A. Gillgrass, The Book of Big Ben
  • M.S. Loveday et al, Big Ben - Its Engineering Past and Future
  • Various articles in Horological Journal, publication of the British Horological Institute
  • Various articles in Antiquarian Horology, publication of the Antiquarian Horological Society
  • Parliamentary Papers
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